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Main measures to mitigate meteorological disasters

2021-11-02  |   Editor : houxue2018  

(1)Strengthen disaster prevention system and infrastructure construction according to law. Governments at all levels should gradually increase investment in meteorological disaster prevention. Meteorological departments should further strengthen the construction of operational infrastructure and systems for monitoring, forecasting, early warning and services of meteorological disasters, and constantly improve the comprehensive capacity of meteorological disaster monitoring, forecasting, early warning and services. Relevant departments and units should carry out climate feasibility demonstration and meteorological disaster risk assessment when carrying out urban planning, key areas and regional development and construction plans. For projects with higher meteorological disaster risks, meteorological disaster prevention projects should be supported during construction. To avoid and reduce the impact of meteorological disasters and climate change on important facilities and engineering projects. For example, the whole society should actively cooperate with the meteorological department to do a good job in the design and review of lightning protection projects, completion acceptance and facility testing, etc., to prevent losses caused by lightning.

(2)Strengthen the forecast of meteorological disasters. Meteorological departments should continuously strengthen the research on the formation mechanism of weather, climate disasters and meteorological secondary and derivative disasters, and improve the accuracy, timeliness and effectiveness of severe weather and climate forecasts and early warnings. We must do a good job in the preparation and implementation of meteorological disaster prevention plans, establish and improve meteorological disaster prevention plans and emergency plans, strengthen meteorological disaster emergency management, and improve emergency response levels and meteorological disaster defense capabilities.

(3)Strengthen the construction of an emergency response system for weather disaster prevention. All relevant departments should strengthen the construction of the emergency linkage mechanism for meteorological disaster prevention, realize information exchange, resource sharing, unified command, division of labor and responsibilities, and rapid response: it is necessary to broaden the channels for meteorological disaster emergency information release and disaster situation information collection, radio, television, newspapers, etc. The Internet and other news media and communication and information service units shall transmit and broadcast meteorological disaster forecast and warning information in a timely manner. Schools, hospitals, stations, stadiums and other public places shall designate meteorological disaster emergency contacts, set up meteorological disaster warning information electronic display screens, and rural areas. It is necessary to gradually allocate meteorological disaster duty informants. It is necessary to regularly investigate hidden dangers of meteorological disaster prevention, continuously improve various defense plans, organize relevant departments and the public to carry out meteorological disaster emergency drills, and improve emergency response speed, coordination and linkage capabilities, emergency response capabilities and management levels.

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