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We should be Prepared to do before the Flood Comes

2018-10-08  |   Editor : houguangbing  

To reduce the likelihood of flood damage

Put weather protection sealant around basement windows and the base of ground-level doors.

Install the drainage for downspouts a sufficient distance from your residence to ensure that water moves away from the building.

Consider installing a sump pump and zero reverse flow valves in basement floor drains.

Do not store your important documents in the basement. Keep them at a higher level and avoid floods.

If a flood is forecast

Turn off basement furnaces and external gas valve.

Take special precautions to safeguard electrical, natural gas or propane heating equipment.

If there is enough time, consult your electricity or fuel supplier for instructions on how to proceed.

In floods, in a rural farm setting, sheltering livestock may be the wrong things to do. Leaving animals unsheltered is preferable because flood waters that inundate a barn could trap animals inside, causing them to drown.

If flooding is imminent

Move furniture, electrical appliances and other belongings to floors above ground level.

Remove toxic substances such as pesticides and insecticides from the flood area to prevent pollution.

Remove toilet bowls and plug basement sewer drains and toilet connections with a wooden stopper.

Disconnect eavestroughs if they connect to the house sewer.

In some cases, homes may be protected using sandbags or polyethylene barriers. This approach requires specific instructions from your local emergency officials.

Do not attempt to shut off the electricity if any water is present. Water and live electrical wires can be lethal. Leave your home immediately and do not return until authorities indicate it is safe to do so.

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