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The characteristics of the typhoon and the way to prevent typhoons

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

In addition to the storm and other serious disasters brought to the landing area by typhoons, they also bring some advantages. According to statistics, the typhoon rainfall in the Southeast Asian countries, including China and the United States accounts for more than a quarter of total rainfall in these areas, so if there is no typhoon, the agricultural problems in these countries is unimaginable. In addition, the typhoon has contributed to the heat transfer and maintenance of the heat balance.

As is known to all, the tropical region receives the most heat from the sun, so the climate is also the hottest, while the cold zone is the opposite.

Because of the typhoon activities, the tropical heat is dispersed to areas of high latitudes, so frigid region can get heat compensation. If there is no typhoon, the climate in tropic areas will become hotter and hotter, and cold region is colder and colder. So there are no more natural temperate zone on earth and many plants and animals will be difficult to adapt to the environment and will extinct, which would be a terrible situation.

Strengthening the monitoring and forecasting of typhoon is an important measure to reduce the typhoon. The detection of typhoons mainly uses meteorological satellites. The presence and size of typhoons can be clearly seen on satellite images.

Use meteorological satellite data to locate the center of the typhoon, estimating the strength and monitoring the moving direction and speed and the storm area, which play a key role in preventing and mtigating typhoon.

When the typhoon reaches the shore, it can also use radar to monitor typhoon movements.

In addition, the weather forecasters can get various data according to, analyzing the typhoon trend, landing place and time and then timely releasing the typhoon forecast, the typhoon tight report or urgent alarm. In addition, it can serve the public through TV, radio and other media and at the same time, offer decision-making basis for the government at all levels. The typhoon forecast or tight report is an important measure to reduce the typhoon disaster.

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