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What Is Torrential Rain

2019-12-09  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Torrential rain is the definition of heavy rain. When there is continuous rainfall and the amount is up to 130mm for one day, a special alert for torrential rain will be issued; while if the amount is more than 50mm but less than 130mm and the rain may bring disasters, an alert for heavy rain will be issued.

This catastrophe weather caused by heavy rain is most frequent in May and June, the monsoon season. Or it may also happen in rainy season in spring and autumn with frontal surface or when the summer southward air current is strong, leading to convective heavy rain or torrential rain. The powerful airflow from the northeast in direction caused by typhoon is also one of the reasons for heavy rain or torrential rain.

Severe storm is a kind of catastrophic weather, which always result in flood disasters and severe soil erosion leading to a great number of economic loss like engineering accidents, bursting of dikes, flooded crops and so on. For some areas with low and closed terrain, the slow draining of rainwater causes ponding in the field and over-saturation of soil moisture and more geologic hazard ensued.

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