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The Harm of Lightning

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Lightening can make enormous damage through physical effects including strong electric currents, scorching heat, extreme electromagnetic radiation, violent shock wave and so on, causing lightening disaster.

Lightening disaster does great harm for a long time, costing lives and financial loss and making irreparable damage and losses to many families and victims. According to the statistics of lightening disaster over the years, there are thousands of people get stricken by lightening in China every year. And Guangdong and Yunnan province are suffering from the heaviest losses.

Lightening disaster has a huge social impact, which often shocks the society and catches its attention. For example, there were 30 thunderstruck people standing under a big tree for shelter from rain in Duqian village, Duqiao town, Linhai city, Taizhou city, Zhejiang province, on June 26th, 2004. 17 of them died, while 13 people were injured. Similarly, one classroom of a primary school got struck by lightening in Xingye village, Yihe county, Kai xian, Chongqing municipality, killing 7 students and injuring 44.

2/3 of the victims of lightening are struck outdoors. Only two can survive in every three of them. Among those who died of lightening, 85 percent of them are male, their age ranging from 1 to 35 years old. Death out of lightening happened the most frequently to the one who took trees as shelters from the rain. Liwen Su can be called as the champion for getting struck by lightening many times. He’s a retired manager of the forest, who has been struck by lightening for seven times. During the lightening, his eyebrows once got scorched, his hair caught on fire, his shoulder got burnt, his shoes got thrown away and even his body got flung out of the car. He mentioned about this lightly: “Lightening always knows where I am.”

Lightening disaster may also lead to the damage in buildings, power supply system, communication facilities and civil electrical appliance, start a fire in a forest, in a warehouse, in an oil refinery or oil field, and even explode them, leading to massive devastation to economy and negative influence on society.

Lightening stoke got huge destructive power, while its effects are complex including the aspects of electricity, heat and machinery..

At present, people from all walks of life are relying on computer information systems more and more. The safety of high-tech, national defense and military project and national economic construction all decidedly counts on the stability of the working systems of computers. However, the disturbance and destruction caused by the electromagnetic radiation from lightening have critical detriment. That threatens the stability, reliability and safety of computer systems. A case in point is a data center, where the precious findings and data contributed by all technical staffs in three years had all crumbled to dust.

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