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Sudden and unexpected avalanche disasters

2019-12-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  

On the hillside full of snow, when internal cohesion of snow can't resist the pull of gravity, the snow will slide down, causing a lot of snow body to collapse. People call this natural phenomenon as avalanche. In some places it is called "snow collapsed" or “snow quicksand” or “pulling of snow on mountain”.

An avalanche offften begins from a quiet slope that is covered with white snow. Suddenly, with "kacha" sound, people can barely hear the voice that tells them that the snow layers fracture. A crack appeared first, then great snow body begins to slide. In the process of sliding down, the snow quickly gains speed. So the avalanche body to almost become a white dragon that drops down quickly. The dragon speeds across the sky and roared downed to the foot of the mountain.

Avalanche is a proces that all snow mountains migrated and they will collapse under the pull of gravity and the speed will reach up to 20-30 meters per second. The snow slide is sudden, with fast movement and great destructive power.

It can destroy a large area of forest, bury homes, transport lines, communications facilities and cars, and even block rivers and temporarily cause water level to rise. At the same time, it can cause the mountain landslide, landslides and debris flow and other terrible natural phenomena. As a result, avalanches are serious natural disasters in the snow-capped mountains.

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