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The thunder that falls on the ground is dangerous

2018-09-27  |   Editor : houguangbing  

On April 25th, 1986, in Xupu County, Hunan province, many villages were overshadowed by dark clouds with wind and rain, thunder and lightning. With a strong flash of light, a deafening crash of thunder fell to the ground, bringing disasters to nine villages. All of a sudden, everything was in a chaos as thunder, as the rain and wind mixed with the sound of people crying and shouting.

According to the joint investigation team, 7 people were killed on the spot and 10 wounded by lightning, among which 3 were seriously injured.

After the lightning, investigation found that in this area the installation of electric wires was mixed and disorderly. The lines were in a very low position. Among the seven deaths, five people were struck by lightning under the lights and switches. Their rooms were quite damp before the lightning happened, which creates the condition for the formation of the accident. Therefore, the installation of electric wire must meet the requirements, and when there is lightning, stay away from the metal objects that are easy to conduct electricity and keep the room dry to be struck by lightning.

Thunder does not "love" women "love" men

On September 1st, 1878, three women and a man were walking on a road in Bonnet, France. When it suddenly rained, they went for shelter from the rain under a tree. The women were afraid of getting their dresses dirty and did not lean against the trunk, while the man stood with his back against the tree. Suddenly a bolt of lightning fell from the sky. Unexpectedly, a flash of lightning dropped from the sky. The man's clothes were on fire immediately. The women went to saved him only to find out he had already dead.

In the UK, there was something more bizarre about the selectivity of lightning according to the record. A couple hugged each other under a tree to take shelter from the rain. Suddenly after a bolt of lightning, the woman found her husband missing and only saw a small pile of ashes on the ground. The man had evaporated in an instant. Though the temperature of lightning was 5 times higher than that of the sun surface, the woman herself stayer safe and sound.

What was hidden in this weird selectivity? So far, the phenomenon has remained a mystery, and studies of lightning have not reached that level to solve this.

The mystery of thunder and lightning is that it not only "likes" men more, but also can make all kinds of strange and mysterious images. According to foreign documents, for the orderly ranks of sheep, lightning may kill some of them in an organized manner; A person or animal struck by lightning may have a pattern or hieroglyph left on the surface of their skin or fur.

In the United States, a little boy once climbed onto a tree to pick bird eggs. The picture of the tree was clearly marked on his chest when he was struck by lightning. The image clearly showed a bird on the branch and the nest near it as well.

Why would this happen? At home and abroad, scientists still have no scientific explanation for these phenomenon.

On April 27th, 1992, Jiangxi University of Finance and Management, without hearing or seeing any thunder or lightning, all the program- controlled phones were destroyed. On May 1st, 1992, Hunan Radio and Television University suffered a similar fate, with programmed telephones, computers and several color televisions all destroyed. So why were these electronic devices quietly destroyed? Through scientific research, the main culprit of the destruction of electronic equipment is induced thunder.

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