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What should be done before the flood?

2019-12-10  |   Editor : houguangbing  

When the floods hit, the immediate problem for people in the affected areas is a rapid shift. Government department will give disaster warning before the flood comes. Besides, they will send transfer notice uninterruptedly to the masses threatened by floods through various means such as radio, TV and other media. The notice includes transfer mean, transfer route and settlement site and so on.

After receiving the transfer notice, the masses should be subject to the arrangement and deployment of local government or community, and orderly transfer personnel and property. It should be noted that, in the transition to safe areas, panic not only does not help, but also leads to worse consequences.

At the time of transfer and evacuation in a planned way before the flood, people can properly take some items, such as important property in home and also bring some clothes and the most important things are drinking water and food.

Experts Remind

During the flood season, people in flood-prone areas should develop good habits of frequently listening and watching weather forecasting and warning information. At the same time, government departments should ensure that there is a smooth channel for the transmission of meteorological and hydrological warning information. For example, in addition to the information broadcast by public media, alarm calls, cell phone messages and other information are also good means of conveying information. People in remote areas also strike a gong, fire a gun and other ways to send signals when they are in danger.

In an emergency survival, we should consider how to move people out safely first instead of thinking too much about what to bring so as not to delay the best possible time to escape.

Of all the items that must be prepared, medicine and fire equipment are important. Also watch carefully, if you find a communication facility that can still be used, save it as much as you can.

If you are to avoid water in situ, you should make full use of the conditions. First, cook the food you can eat for a few days. At the same time, pay attention to protecting the clothing for cold weather in a high place. If possible, you also should make wooden raft and collect floating material such as wooden basin, wooden block and process them as life-saving equipment, in case of urgent need.

Treasury of knowledge of escaping

To prevent other accident harm, for people who choose to avoid water indoors, snap the power timely before the water comes inside in order to avoid electric shock. Be aware of thunder when it thunders.

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