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The countermeasures for disaster prevention and reduction-outdoor lightning protection measures

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Shelters for thunder and lightning. Do not stay in the tower platform when a thunderstorm happens. And people should not enter the isolated hut and sentry box in the open space. Hide in the building which has lightning rod or steel frame, but do not approach any part of the lightning protection equipment. Do not hide under the tree. If cannot but under the tree, people should ensure a distance of 3 meters away the tree with squating and legs together.

Away from the metal. Distance metal objects which stretch out of the building, and electric power equipment, such as water pipes, gas pipes.

Lie on the ground. When there is frequent thunder and lightning, and if you feel ants crawling in the head, neck, and hands with hair erecting, it indicates the occurrence of lightning, and you should immediately lie on the floor.

Ensure a correct posture. If you encounter thunderstorms in outdoors and can not leave the tall buildings, you should immediately find some dry insulating material on the ground, and sit in them with legs together. Do not put your foot on the ground outside the insulation, because the water can conduct electricity. Do not go down on your hand, you ought to hold your knees with chest close to them. Try to lower the head, because the head than other parts of the body most vulnerable to lightning.

Stand up separately. When you see lightning within a few seconds after hearing a clap of thunder, it indicates that you are in a dangerous environment near the thunderstorm, thus, you should stop walking, immediately squat with feet together, and do not pull together with others, instead maintain a certain distance to avoid from lightning conduction to others. It is best to use plastic umbrellas, raincoats to protece lightning.

Don't play outside. When it is a thunderstorm day, people should not hold an umbrella in wilderness, or lift badminton racket, golf clubs and so on. It is also not suitable to have any outdoor sports, linger around the water or the banks, wash clothes in the river, go fishing, swimming, playing etc.

Don't go fast. In thunderstorm weather, it is not appropriate to drive a motorcycle quickly, ride a bicycle quickly, or run in the rain, because the greater the body's stride, the greater the voltage and the easier it is to hurt people.

Jump away from the "high pressure line". If you see the high pressure line being broken by lightning in the outdoors, you should be on the alert, because there is a striding voltage near the breakpoint of the high pressure line. The people in the neighborhood should not run at this time, but they should close their feet together and jump away from the scene.

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