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The points People must be paid close attention to snow activities

2020-11-20  |   Editor : houguangbing  

It is very dangerous for an individual or a mountain climber to encounter an avalanche. People who do snow activities must pay close attention to the following points:

  1. The applicant should avoid the avalanche zone. If you can't avoid, you should across the line and avoid climbing along the avalanche chute.

  2. When crossing, walk as fast as you can, and set up special lookout to monitor the area that avalanches may happen. Once there are warning signs of avalaches, they should shout a warning so that people can take measures to save themselves.

  3. After the snow, or after several successive snows, do not go up to the mountain. At this time, the new snow or the upper snow layer is very insecure so a slight disturbance is enough to trigger an avalanche. Heavy snow is often accompanied by good weather and we must give up the good weather and wait for the avalanche.

  4. If you have to pass through the avalanche zone, you should cross it after 10 a.m. Because the sun has been shining on the snow mountain for some time, and if there is an avalanche, it has already happened. Thus, it can reduce the danger.

  5. The weather is sometimes cold and sometimes warm. When the weather turns clear, or the snow begins to melt in spring, the snow becomes very unstable and avalanches are easy to happen.

  6. Don't move on a steep hill. Because avalanches usually move downward, avalanches can occur on a slope of 1:5.

  7. When exploring high mountains, no matter you choose to climb a mountain route or camp, try to avoid leedward slope. That’s because the leeward slope is easy to accumulate the snow from the windward slope, thus it is easy to form avalanches.

  8. If possible, you should try to walk on the crest line to the greatest extent and walk at the top of the mountain. If you must go through the slope belt, do not do it alone, also don't crowded together, either, you should walk one after another and people who begin later should keep secure distance with the previous people.

  9. When choosing a route or camp, be alert to the level of land you choose because in steep mountain area, avalanche accumulation area is easiest to show as relatively flat land.

  10. Pay attention to the forebodings of avalanches, such as the sound of ice and snow or a low rumble, or a snowball rolling down or a cloud of gray dust. The path of an avalanche can be identified by terrain features such as a cliff, a relatively smooth terrain, or the fault with a few trees.

  11. Do not speak loudly while marching and resting in the mountains, so as to reduce the avalanche caused by the vibration of the air. One of the best members of the army should be tied a red cloth to be found in case of an avalanche.

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