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High temperature

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High temperature, meaning higher temperature. Specific values are different in different situations. For example, in some techniques, they refer to more than several thousand degrees Celsius and in the workplace they refer to more than 32 °C. Meteorologically, the temperature at that time was equal to or greater than 35°C.

When the surrounding environment approaches or exceeds the human body's temperature, the human body's thermoregulation function will be imbalanced, heat does not radiate outward; outward emission, accumulation in the body, poor ventilation, high temperature and other reasons easily lead to heatstroke.The general symptoms of heat stroke are: fever, fatigue, skin burning, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chest tightness; restlessness, weak pulse, decreased blood pressure; severe patients may have severe headache, syncope, coma, spasm and so on.

High temperature hazards

High temperature is a kind of disastrous weather, which will have adverse effects on people's work, life and health.The research points out that when the temperature reaches 30°C to 34 °C, the physiological activities of human body begin to be affected. When the temperature reaches above 35 °C, the regulation function of human body decreases greatly, and fatigue and irritability are prone to occur.Because of the high temperature outside, the metabolism of the human body is unbalanced, which is prone to occur “high temperature disease”, firstly, heat stroke is caused by excessive heat accumulation in the body;second, exposure to the sun can easily lead to meningeal and cerebral congestion, hemorrhage, edema and other “sunstroke”, third, heat spasm due to “heat cramps”.At the same time, the high temperature period is the multiple period of cerebrovascular, heart and respiratory diseases, and the mortality rate increases accordingly, especially in the elderly. Therefore, health care in high temperature season, especially for the elderly, is very important.

Continuous high temperature weather can also lead to high-temperature heat hazards in agricultural production, which will cause early rice to suffer “high temperature forced ripening”at the later stage of grain filling, resulting in unsaturated grains and decreased grain weight;also make navel orange, citrus and other young fruits fall off seriously; agricultural production will be greatly affected.

Prevention of high temperature

(1)Warning signals of high temperature

Warning signals of high temperature are divided into three levels, which are yellow, orange and red, respectively. Shown in table 6-10.

(2) Precautions for high temperature weather

①First, we should pay attention to taking effective protective measures when working outdoors, not expose skin to the sun for a long time, it is better to bring cold drinks.

②Second, we should pay attention not to walk in the sunshine, nor to the places where people gather. Do not turn on the air conditioner immediately after returning from the outdoor to the indoor.

③Thirdly, we should try to avoid traveling in the period of 10-16 hours and replenish water before thirst.

④Fourth, we should pay attention to dietary hygiene in high temperature days to prevent gastrointestinal colds.

⑤Fifth, we should pay attention to keeping adequate sleep, living and working regularly, and enhancing immunity.

⑥Sixth, we should pay attention to the special population, especially the elderly and children, high temperature days can easily induce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in the elderly and adverse symptoms in children.

⑦Seventh, we should pay attention to the prevention of sunshine dermatitis after sunshine exposure. If the skin appears red and swollen symptoms, the application of cold water rinse, serious cases should be treated in the hospital.

⑧Eighth, we should pay attention to the symptoms of dizziness, nausea, dry mouth, confusion and shortness of breath in the chest. When such symptoms occur, it should be suspected that the early symptoms of heatstroke, immediately rest, drink some cold water to cool down, the serious condition should be immediately treated in the hospital.

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