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The Puzzling Phenomenon of Lightning

2018-10-09  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Strange Events of Lightning

One day in the summer in 1980, an elderly Indian man, blinded by cataracts, was sitting at home. Suddenly, a huge thunderbolt blew up in the cloudy sky. He was knocked to the ground and lost several teeth, and his brain shook for a few seconds. The next day, he woke up and was surprised to be able to see again. Scientists believed that the patient was in a lightning strike magnetic field, which turned the insoluble proteins in the eye into soluble ones, eliminating cataracts.

In the summer of 1968, a thunderstorm hit France. At that time, lightning killed all the black sheep in the flock, but the white ones were safe and sound.

Different trees are likely to be struck differently by lightning. According to the researches, in 100 lightening, trees that were struck most are oaks. Poplars were struck 24 times; Spruces 10 times, Pine trees 6 times, Pear and cherry trees times; But birches and maples never got hit. This, of course, refers to dense woods of mixed birches and maples, rather than solitary trees in open areas. The reason for this remains an open question.

People who have been struck by lightning

Fracastoro was a famous Italian poet and physician. When he was a baby, his mother was hit by a thunderbolt when holding him. She died instantly, but he was safe. Gregory William Ryckman, a Russian physicist, connected an instrument to a lightning rod to try to measure electrical discharges in the atmosphere. During a thunderstorm, as he was leaning over to check the number on the instrument, a thunderbolt struck the lightning rod. The lightning rod bounced off and struck him in the head, killing him on the spot. Otis, an American politician, often told people he wanted to end his life with a thunderbolt. The wish finally came true. As he talked to family and friends in a low hallway of a farmhouse, lightning struck the chimney. The fireball ran down the chimney into the hallway, jumped on Otis and killed him, but there were no scars left on him and no one else was hurt.

Lightning has killed many farmers working alone on the plains. Perhaps the most famous farmer who died in this way was Giesey Bunker, the son of Chang Bunker, one of a pair of conjoined babies.

Francis Sidney Schmidt is a British mountaineer known for climbing Mount Everest. But he was almost killed in the Alps. A thunderbolt knocked him unconscious, but he survived because most of charges are absorbed by his wet clothes.

One day in 1976, Hield, an astronomer, was working at the Arizona observatory, a thunderbolt hit his telescope and knocked him out. His heart stopped on the way to the hospital. But he recovered quickly and returned to the observatory to work that day. Nick Nawara is a Panamanian sprinter. On December 28, 1978, as he walked back to the lounge from Calder track in Miami, he was struck by lightning and immediately killed.

Becky Godwin is the daughter of Mills Godwin, the governor of Virginia. As she came back from the waves under clear skies, a thunderbolt from a distant cloud struck her. She was immediately rescued, but she died two days later.

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