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The damage caused by an avalanche

2019-12-18  |   Editor : houguangbing  

An avalanche usually erupted from the top of the mountain. When it moves down the hill, all things will be swept away with extremely high speed from the very top. Its great strength will not disappear until it comes to the vast plain.

When it happens, it is irresistable. The 'white death' can weigh up to millions of tons. Some of the avalanches also carry large amounts of air, which will make the snow more mobile and sometimes run across the canyon to the opposite side of the hill. Avalanches can really be described as stunning compared to the ferocious mugs of landslides, floods, earthquakes and other disasters.

Before the avalanche, the earth is always quiet. And then with “click” sound the snow layer broke, and the white, layered snow came up, which seems as if the mountain god had suddenly unleashed a white robe on his body or a white snow dragon flied down the mountain and roared down the mountain to mild slope.

But beauty is only an avalanche that loves to show their beauty the human. However, behind beauty is the terror that can destroy everything. Those who have learned their power are more likely to call it "white demons."

Indeed, the impact of avalanches is striking. It will be swept away with tremendous speed and force. Some avalanches produce powder that can sweep everything away.

It is estimated that an avalanche of high-speed movement will bring 40~ 50 tons of power to each square meter of the surface of objects. There is no object in the world that can withstand such shocks.

Avalanches are a serious threat to mountain climbers, local residents and tourists. In the hazards of mountain exploration, the damage caused by avalanches is the most frequent and tragic and avalanches often result in "total destruction of whole army". The people who died in the avalanche always accounts for 1/2 to 1/3 of the causalities in the whole mountain.

But the dangers of an avalanche are different because of different geography. If the avalanche is in the passing area of the avalanche, the hazards are smaller, and if the avalanche is taken to the accumulation area, the chances of survival are very small.

Avalanches destroy forests and resorts, which can cause a very large economic loss on the local tourism economy.

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