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How do you save yourself after a typhoon?

2019-12-11  |   Editor : houguangbing  

The typhoon comes with fierce wind, downpour, fierce storms and tides, so the rescue work after the typhoon is also extremely important.

Although typhoons can be forecasted, there is no time for ships sailing or fishing to return. If you encounter this kind of circumstance, you should be close to the nearest island and land on the island in time to avoid broken of boats and death. At the same time, use communication facilities on the ship to land distress signal and report precise location and wait for rescue on the island. When a rescue ship or helicopter arrives, wave flags or light torch to send out a distress signal, directing rescue workers.When waiting for rescue on the island, waving flags or lighting torch can guide rescue workers.

If there is a typhoon on the sea, the possibility of falling into water is very high. So be sure to prepare fresh water, food and communication tools and wear a life vest. The small fishing boats are very difficult to survive the typhoon on the surface of the sea. They should dive before the fishing boat sinks and avoid sinking into the sea with the fishing boat. But be sure to record the exact geographical coordinates of the water before diving so as to provide accurate coordinates for the rescuers. After falling overboard, reduce physical activity and maintain body temperature. When the wind and waves on the sea are reduced, send out a distress signal in time and wait for rescue.

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