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The severe flood disasters in the 20th century

2019-12-10  |   Editor : houguangbing  

According to statistics, there were around 28 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country encountered different degrees of floods, with 24.596 million hectares affected farmland and 14.614 million hectares disaster-forming area. 4.979 million Residential houses were destroyed and 5113 people died. The direct economic loss reached 77.908 billion yuan.

In the affected areas, the situations in Anhui, Jiangsu were the most serious. In total, 9.665 million hectares of farmland were affected and 6.728 million hectares of farmland suffered from the disaster. Besides, 1163 people died and 3.493 million houses were damaged. The direct economic loss reached 48.4 billion yuan, respectively accounting for 39%, 46%, 23%, 46% and 23% of total number of the whole country.

Other major floods: in 1958, the Yellow River, Zhengzhou flower garden suffered from major flood and the Zhenzhou, Yellow River Iron Bridge was destroyed. In 1963, the Haihe river basin was hit by a rare flood in history, with an area of 61.45 million acres affected and crop failure of over 6 billion. In 1982, the longest tributary of the Yangtze River, the Han River encountered a big flood and Ankang, the old city was flooded with heavy losses.

In 1992, there was a huge flood in the Minjiang River in 50 years, with a peak flow of 27,500 steres per second and 30,300 steres per second in Zhuqi water station. The Minjiang river basin suffered severe flood.

In the upstream of the Qiantang River, there was the second largest flood since 1949 and the water flow in Lanxi station reached 12100 steres per second and situations in counties and cities around the coast were severe. In addition, the Dadu River, Xiangjiang, Xinjiang, Lijiang River and the upstream of the Yellow River also suffered from major floods, resulting in severe flood disasters.

In 1998, a great flood in the end of the century almost swept over half of China. The Yangtze River, The Nenjiang River, the Songhua River and other big rivers overflowed, resulting in the sharp rise of the water level. 800 soldiers and people fought with the flood. According to statistics, 29 provinces and regions in the country suffered from the flood disaster with different degree, causing direct economic loss of 166.6 billion yuan.

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