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The contribution of the typhoon

2019-12-10  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Although typhoon is a kind of disastrous weather which causes great losses and damage to people's production and life, it also has its contribution.

The peak period of typhoon occurred in July and September, when it is hot and dry in the southeast coast and the middle and lower areas of the Yangtze river. Typhoon brings abundant rain to crops that need a lot of water, which is very beneficial to agricultural production.

Although there is no heavy rain in areas that are far away from the sea and less affected by the typhoon, there will also be cloudy days or light rain, which can alleviate the drought situation. So, farmers in these areas also call the precipitation brought by the typhoon “timely rain”.

Typhoon is not only doing harm to people , but also protecting them. It brings fresh water to mankind, greatly alleviating the global water shortage. A typhoon of modest diameter can bring a high rainfall of 3 billion tons when it lands.

In addition, typhoons have kept the cold and heat of the world relatively balanced. The equatorial region has a hot climate, and if it weren't for typhoons to dissipate the heat, the tropics would be hotter, the cold areas would be colder, and temperate zones would disappear from the earth. In a word, when there are too many typhoons or they are big, it is not good; however, at the same time, the earth can’t function well without them.

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