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Mitigation of meteorological disasters

2021-11-02  |   Editor : houxue2018  

Under the climate background of global warming, the increase of extreme weather and climate events and the frequent and increasingly serious meteorological disasters, it is particularly important to do a good job in preventing and mitigating meteorological disasters.

At present, China has established a relatively modern and perfect meteorological disaster monitoring network, and preliminarily established a ground-based, space-based and space-based three-dimensional observation system composed of ground observation, high-altitude detection and satellite remote sensing detection. China has launched a total of five polar orbiting meteorological satellites and four stationary meteorological satellites. Especially since 2000, China's fengyun-1 and Fengyun-2 satellites have been incorporated into the global earth observation business sequence by the World Meteorological Organization and become an important member of the global integrated earth observation system. Users all over the world can receive and use China's Fengyun meteorological satellite data free of charge. At present, China has built more than 21000 meteorological observation stations, of which 2435 are national automatic meteorological stations with all elements, and more than 19000 are regional meteorological observation stations. In addition, there are some special and single observation stations, mainly observation stations for rainfall, temperature, wind speed and wind direction. It has also completed the construction of more than 150 GPS ground-based meteorological observation stations and 3 National Observatories. China has also upgraded four atmospheric background stations, started the construction of three new atmospheric background stations, and preliminarily built a national monitoring network for atmospheric composition, acid rain, sandstorm and lightning.

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