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The flood disaster in the 20th century

2019-12-09  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Maximum flood disasters occurred 5 times in the 20th century and the time was respectively 1931, 1954, 1991 and 1992 and the big flood in 1998.

In 1931, our country suffered from the catastrophic flood, with 16 provinces affected and one of the most seriously affected area is Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Hubei, Hunan and the second were Shandong, Hebei, Zhejiang.

The affected area in the 8 provinces reached up to 141.7 million acres. The big flood misfortune doesn’t come alone and was accompanied by other natural disasters and with social unrest, 100 million people were affected and 3.7 million people died, which was really shocking.

In 1954, the disaster area reached 240 million acres in the whole country, with 170 million acres of inundated areas. The Yangtze River submerged over 4700 million acres farmland, causing 33000 people to die and blocked the Beijing-Guangzhou railway for 100 days.

In 1991, the abnormal climate, the western Pacific subtropical high stranded for a long time in the south of the Yangtze river, jianghuai basin set in of plum rains, rain, lasted long, have taken place in the huaihe river since 1949, the second big floods, three floodplains, 14 levels successively and use; The highest ever in taihu lake water level is 4.79 meters.

The main tributaries of the Yangtze River, Li shui and some tributaries of the Wujiang and the middle and small rivers in the eastern areas of Hubei province suffered from the biggest flood since 40 years. There were two major floods in the Songhua, with the maximum flow of 10,700 steres per second in Harbin station, and 15300 steres per second in Jiamusi station, which were respectively the third and second place since 1949.

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