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Lightning is a spectacular and fearful discharge phenomenon with flashing lightning and thunder

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Lightning is a spectacular and fearful discharge phenomenon with flashing lightning and thunder. The charged clouds usually be called thundercloud. In most cases, so called thunderstricke refers to the violent discharge processthe caused by a kind of charged clouds with the heterogenous charged clouds, or charged clouds with the earth, with a strong flash and a loud voice. Lightning usually is produced in cumulonimbus with rapid development of strong convection, often accompanied by a strong gust and storm, sometimes even hail and tornado.

For a long time, people's view of lightning is limited to praise and fear. Some people call it "the laughter of Heaven". Others think it is "the fire of God". In 1749, Franklin's kite experiment proved that lightning is just a discharge phenomenon, which is a common natural phenomenon. And according to the results of satellite observations of global lightning: there are about 46 lightnings occuring per second, more than 70 times of lightning occuring in China every minute.

Lightning can injury public by its powerful lightning current. It poses threats to the human not by burning. If someone has been hit on the head by lightning, which would spread through the body to earth and would paralysis human’s nerves and heart, it is likely to be fatal. After being attacked by lightning, people’s heart either stops beating, or the beating rate is exceedingly irregular with fibrillation, these two cases both can lead to termination of blood circulation, causing brain damage and even death within a few minutes. It is likely to be resurrected in time after a lightning strike, and sometimes it does not necessarily mean "death" even if you don't feel the victim's breathing and pulse. If it can be saved in time (such as artificial respiration), the "dead" can also be restored to the heart and breath. In addition, lightning strikes may make the injured person's clothes on fire, and may melt the metal ornaments and watch strap of the injured. When the human body is struck by lightning, it often mistakenly feels that the someone who is struck by lightning still has electricity, and people are afraid to save them in best rescue time. In fact, if there is a faint or a form of suspended animation due to lightning, people around can take the rescue method as follow: if a sufferer is conked, put him into a horizontal and keep him warm and comfortable. Immediate emergency treatment and artificial respiration are necessary.

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