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The prevention and control of hail disaster

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

The prevention and control of hail can take the following measures:

The first is forecasting. Since the 1980s, with the usage of the weather radar, satellite cloud pictures, computer and communication transmission and other advanced equipment in meteorological service in great quantities, the track of the hail activity monitoring ability is greatly improved.

Once local weather station finds the hail weather, it immediately reports to other weather station that may be affected possibly. Meteorological departments at various levels combines modernized meteorological science and technology with long-term accumulated forecast experience, and mprehensive forecasts the occurrence and development of the hail, the intensity, scope and the damage, so the forecast accuracy is increased sharply.

In order to transmit the hail forecasting information to all levels of government and the masses as much as possible, meteorological departments at various levels can release “alarm” or “emergency alarm” by radio across the country, television, telephone and computer service terminal and severe weather warning system and other media, making the broad masses to take defensive measures in advance and avoiding and reducing disaster losses.

The second is prevention and control. Our country is one of the countries that prevent the hail in the early days in the world. Because of the severe hailstorm in our country, the anti-hail work is valued and supported by the government.

Many provinces have established long - term test points, and carried out rigorous tests, and obtained many valuable scientific achievements. The artificial anti-hail is carried out to make it develop in the desired direction, so as to reduce the disaster.

Currently, the common methods are to send the catalysts, such as silver iodide, lead iodide and dry ice into the cloud with rockets, high guns or aircraft. On the ground, send the silver iodide and lead iodine dry ice and some other catalysts to the free atmosphere before cumulonimbus clouds forming, making these material play a role of hail embryo in the hail cloud, multiply the hail embryo so the hail becomes smaller.

On the ground, rockets and high cannons are fired into the hail cloud, or rockets and bombs are placed on the aircraft to destroy the water transport of the hail cloud. Using rockets and high cannons to scatter nuclei in the warm cloud to make the cloud form precipitation to reduce the moisture in the cloud. In the cold part of cloud, scatter the ice core to suppress the growth of hail embryos.

The third is to take a variety of hail measures. Commonly used methods are: in the hail belt, planting grass and trees, increasing the forest area, improving the geomorphological environment and destroying hail cloud conditions to reduce hail disaster; Increasing anti-hail and resilient crops; timely collecting mature crops; In the hail season, farmers carry anti-hail tools, such as bamboo baskets and wicker baskets to reduce casualties.

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