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The emergency measures during a thunderstorm

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

During a thunderstorm, don’t use umbrellas with metal handles. Take off metal glasses, watches and belts. Stay away from bicycles if you are cycling. Moreover, keep distance from any metallic objects to avoid being stricken by lightening.

During a thunderstorm, don’t go swimming, boating, or fishing around rivers and lakes.

When lightening flashes with rattling thunder and blowing rain, turn off electrical appliances like radios, recorders, speaker boxes, and air conditioners to prevent the conduction of electricity. When thunder comes, it is safer to stay in the right middle of the room. But don’t stay beneath electric lights or lean against any pillars, walls or windows in case that the thunder may cause faradism and lead to accidents. When lightening strike happens, people who got hit should be taken to hospital soon. If it causes pauses in breathing or cardiac arrest, first aid including CPR should be actively given on the scene at once.

Do not ignore first aid as rushing the patients to hospital, or you will miss the best time to save them. Sometimes follow-up CPR is necessary on the way to hospital. What’s more, the injured also need heat preservation for their heads. Cold compresses on head are needed if the patients show a mental symptom of manic spasms and convulsions. Under emergency conditions, keeping the burned parts dry or binding is enough.

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