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The damage and countermeasures for drought prevention and reduction

2019-12-06  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Main damage are as follows:

  • Lead to a descent to human’s immunity.
  • Damage agricultural and animal husbandry production.
  • Further deteriorate ecological condition.
  • Cause some other natural disasters, such as conflagration and plague of locusts.

The countermeasures for drought prevention and reduction

The effective measures to prevent drought is warning drought early, improving the ecological environment, returning farmland to forest and grassland, managing soil and water problem, using water legitimately, grazing in a planned way and other reasonable plans. The disasters can trigger some diseases, such as starvation, malnutrition, foodborne diseases, heatstroke and infectious diseases. Therefore, in addition to general disaster work which includes disaster relief, assisting and appeasing people, it is the key to deal with the starvation problem, provide enough nutrition to people and avoid diseases by paying attention to oversighting the drinking water and food.

As for agricultural drought disaster, it is prevention that is fundamental part. We must enhance the awareness of disaster prevention to public and focus on prevention combining with resistance. We should strengthen the construction of the supporting facilities in field fighting drought scientifically. We can also increase the information publicity planning in advance and having a thorough arrangement. As fighting a severe drought needs to be effectively organized and supported, so the authorities must be responsible for such activities.

Pay attention to measures for drought resisting, drought avoidance and drought precautions:

  • Measures for drought resisting: exploring new water resources and saving water, having a rational irrigation, seizing the opportunity to seed to reduce losses, fertilizing scientificly and be reasonable when it comes to top application of fertilizer, improving the drought resistance of land, preserving soil moisture while farming to restrain evaporation of farmland, and relifing drought through artificial rainfall.
  • Drought avoidance: making a change in cropping system, avoiding drought to capture harvest by adjusting sowing time, such as the act of seedling transplantation to evade the spring drought.
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