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Major Disasters Caused by Typhoons in China

2019-12-11  |   Editor : houguangbing  

On September 19, 2010, the eleventh typhoon Fanapi made landfall from Hualian, bringing heavy rain to southern Taiwan.

In 2009, typhoon Morakot killed more than 500 people and left nearly 200 missing and 46 injured. Over 2,000 millimeters of rain fell in southern Taiwan, causing losses of tens of billions of Taiwan dollars and nearly 10 billion RMB on the mainland.

In 2008, the eighth violent typhoon Fung-Wong killed at least 13 people in Taiwan, Anhui and Jiangsu, and severely damaged the infrastructure and caused huge economic losses in Fujian province.

In 2008, the sixth typhoon Fengshen killed at least 30 people in Guangdong, Hunan and Jiangxi.

In 2008, the first typhoon Raccoon killed and disappeared at least 5 people in south China, causing huge economic losses. The excessive water storage leaded to the dam break of a reservoir in Guangdong province with badly damaged infrastructure, creating the worst flood disaster in April in the history of south China. During that month, the rainfall also broke the record.

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