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Harm of drought-agriculture and animal husbandry production

2019-02-27  |   Editor : houxue2018  

The direct harm of drought is to reduce the production of agriculture and animal husbandry, make it difficult for people and livestock t o drink water, and impoverish farmers and herdsmen.

Drought is the first disaster endangering agriculture and animal husbandry production.

Meteorological conditions affect the distribution, growth, yield and quality of crops, and water conditions are the main factors determining the type of agricultural development.Drought has become the most serious meteorological disaster affecting agricultural production in China due to its high frequency, long duration, wide range of impact and large delayed impact.

China is a big country with a large population, food problem is always a major strategic issue related to national security and social stability. Compared with other natural disasters, drought is the main factor affecting food production in China, because drought accounts for more than half of all food losses from natural disasters.

According to statistical analysis, the drought area in China was 170 million mu in 1950s and 364 million mu in 1990s.The average annual loss of grain due to drought was 4.35 billion kg in the 1950s and 19.57 billion kg in the 1990s. Drought has always plagued the development of our economy, society, especially agriculture; which is also the main animal husbandry meteorological disaster in China, which mainly manifests in affecting pasture, livestock products and intensifying grassland degradation and desertification.

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