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The situation of drought in China

2020-11-20  |   Editor : houguangbing  

The main disasters in our countries are 5 categories of more than 30 species, meteorological hydrological disasters, earthquakes, ocean disasters, biohazard and eco-environmental disaster.

Meteorological hydrological disasters refer to the natural disasters because of anomalies caused by the intensity, temporal distribution and the combinations of the weather and hydrology, which does harm to the people’s life, property, production and environment. The disasters including more than 10 types, such as drought, flood, typhoon, rainstorm, gale, lightning, low temperature, snow, high temperature, sandstorm and heavy fog.

The drought is very serious in north and the south of China, the center of northeast, and the southwest and southeast of China, the average annual drought-affected farmland is 21 million hectares, with a total area of 6.7 million. Drought is the main cause of food reduction. At the same time, the lack of water influenced people's life and production activities. And the excessive pumping of groundwater leads to the land subsidence, saltwater intrusion, sand land and forest grassland degradation.

Typical Cases

In the spring of 2010, Yunnan province, Guangxi province, Guizhou province, Sichuan province, Chongqing province and some other provinces (districts and cities) suffered from the century severe drought, with about 50 million compatriots affected. Such a rare drought made the area of the affected crops come as nearly 75 million acres, during which, 14 million acres of farmland harvest nothing. And 20 million compatriots even had no provided water. The direct economic losses served as 19.02 billion yuan.

In 2014, Cangxi County, in Guangyuan, Sichuan province, suffered a serious drought which recently happened 55 years ago, putting the 790 thousand people of Cangxi County into a devil of hole. Crop production, characteristic industry of kiwifruit, Cangxi Sydney and livestock industry have born the brunt of the drought. Especially, there was a serious crisis in the supply of drinking water. Due to the continuous bad weather for more than 8 months, 39 townships and 763 villages in Cangxi County have suffered different degrees of drought. The drought caused 150 thousand people's drinking water crisis, and made it difficult for 460 thousand livestock and poultry to drink water. The area of affected crops served as 465.5 thousand mu, resulting in 258.35 million yuan in direct economic loss. The affected area of kiwifruit came as 120 thousand acres, and the direct economic loss was as high as 200 million yuan.

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