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Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service is subordinate to the International Knowledge Center for Engineering Sciences and Technology (IKCEST). It is founded under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (shortened as “UNESCO”) Framework Agreement.

Logo of Disaster Risk Reduction Knowledge Service

The design idea of DRR Logo is as follows:

The main body is Earth.Upper indicates the atmosphere, pointting at extremely weather disaster,such as Haze, Storm, Frost. The shock shape in middle points at geologic disaster,such as Earthquake. The water wave in below indicates hydrological disaster,such as Flood and tsunami. The subject of DRR logo is the lift posture of hands,represents that knowledge popularization and artificial & governmental measures of Disaster Risk Reduction.

With the design concept as the core,DRR is having integrated compositive disaster data in China and neighbouring regions.With the Earthquake,Drought and Flood as the major disaster types,DRR is having carried out metadata,document, information navigation and established the access of expert database, organization database, portal database and other data applications. DRR is also having developed diverse knowledge services,such as applications of Map, management of website background, special service of Knowledge & Science & Training promotion. The view of Knowledge is integrated, it contains meta information and data of Belt and Road national database, list of disaster data and maps.

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