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Countermeasures for disaster risk reduction

2021-11-02  |   Editor : houxue2018  

(1) Treat prevention, resistance, and disaster relief as a systematic project. According to the system point of view, establish and improve the monitoring network of disaster weather and ecological environment changes, and improve the monitoring and tracking capabilities; establish and improve the forecasting and forecasting system, deeply analyze and study the occurrence, development and evolution of various natural disasters, and improve the long, medium, and Short-term forecasts, especially medium and long-term forecasts; establish a sound information system, through the collection, feedback, transmission, and processing of various related information, so that information can be obtained comprehensively, timely, and reliably, and the ability to identify disasters and disaster areas is improved; Establish and improve the command and decision-making system, make overall decisions on material allocation, capital investment, preliminary plan, later management, remedial measures and action plan, so as to achieve comprehensive treatment and achieve the best overall benefits of the system.

(2) Raise the awareness of disaster prevention and mitigation of the whole people. Strengthen publicity and education so that people can truly realize that disaster reduction is also an increase in income, and disaster prevention is an important act of disaster reduction. Many facts show that prevention is very different from not preventing. Only with the understanding, can we give full play to and mobilize people's subjective initiative in the practice of disaster prevention and mitigation.

(3) Strengthen research on disaster economics. It is necessary to organize the strengths of all relevant disciplines to coordinate research, conduct comprehensive, systematic, and comprehensive research on major disasters across the country, and provide optimal solutions and theoretical basis and approaches for scientific decision-making for natural disaster prevention.

(4) Strengthening the construction of the legal system is also an important part of disaster prevention, disaster relief, and disaster relief. Further improve and enrich existing laws and regulations, and ensure that there are laws that must be followed. Some urgently need to establish new regulations. Efforts should be made to prevent the decline of resources and the deterioration of the environment, and to further coordinate the relationship between production, life, and the environment, so as to achieve the organic combination of economic, social, and ecological benefits and the overall function, thereby improving energy conversion and material circulation In order to further enhance the ability to resist natural disasters, minimize disaster losses, and promote economic development.

(5) Take the road of scientific development. In order to prevent and reduce natural disasters, we must adhere to a scientific development path, respect the laws of nature and science, change the current development model that is almost plundering natural resources, and change from pursuing economic growth in the past to insisting on putting people first and achieving economic and social development. Comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development, strive to improve the ecological environment, strengthen the protection of natural resources such as the atmosphere, continuously enhance the capacity for sustainable development, promote the harmony between man and nature, and promote the entire society to a civilization of production development, affluent life and good ecology development route.

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