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How do you save yourself when the typhoon comes?

2020-11-20  |   Editor : houguangbing  

If there is no evacuation time when the typhoon passes, it is time to find some relatively solid buildings as blindage, such as bridge holes and solid houses. Never use the tower of the high pressure line as a shelter because there will be lightning in the area where the typhoon passes. And the high pressure line may be blown down to the ground by wind, so be careful to prevent lightning and high voltage.

If you encounter a tornado in the field, don't panic. You should identify the path of a tornado in time and choose the escape route. The path of a tornado is narrow, so you can use cars or other vehicle to escape in a direction perpendicular to the tornado route.

When the typhoon passes, if we are already indoors, we should close the windows and stay away from the windows to prevent damage from the glass or the incoming objects. The correct position should be hiding in a windowless room such as the bathroom, storage room, basement, etc and be sure to keep in mind that cut off the power supply and turn off the gas. Don't take other self-help measures or wait until the typhoon leaves.

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