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Avoding earthquake method in special places

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

In the wild, if an earthquake occurs, it is generally necessary to avoid the dangerous environment on the side of the mountain and avoid the mountain foot and steep cliff to prevent landslides, rolling stones, debris flows, cracks, landslides, etc.

If you encounter landfall or landslide triggered by the earthquake, try to run in the direction that is perpendicular to the rolling stone. Do not run down the mountain in the direction of the rolling stones. For the safe, you also can hide under strong obstacles, or squat in the ditch, canning. At this time, protect your head especially.

In an earthquake, if the car is driving, the driver should slow down as soon as possible and brake gradually. Passenger should hold handrail in order not to fall or bruise. Lower the center of gravity at the same time and hide near the seat, protecting head, tightening body with defensive posture and get out of the car after the earthquake. If the car is on the flyover at the time of the earthquake, the driver and the passengers should quickly walk down the bridge to avoid the earthquake.

If there is an earthquake in class, the teacher can’t lead students to run wild, but should direct students to hang their heads, close their eyes and hide behind their desks.

If the earthquake happens in the factory workshop, theaters, shopping malls, schools and other public places, evacuate in turn if time permits. If it is too late to evacuate, hide near the lathe, table, chair, stage and so on. Never crowd to the exit confusedly.

When we go to schools, shops, theaters and other public places, we should first understand the surrounding environment and find out the location of the evacuation passageway. During an earthquake, avoid being squeezed to the wall or a fence and also pay attention to avoiding the droplight, electric fans and other hanging objects.

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