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Special attention should be paid after earthquake

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

(1) If the dust is too large, the water should be sprayed to avoid choking the buried person.

(2) Open the enclosed space of the buried pressure personnel as soon as possible to make the fresh air flow; the head of the buried person should be exposed as soon as possible to remove the dust from the nose to ensure smooth breathing.

(3) For persons who are seriously injured and can't leave the bury place, first try to clear bury things carefully and then carry them out of the ruins. Never pull and drag strongly. For hungry, injured, seriously suffocated persons who are buried for a long time, they should be covered their eyes with a cloth after being rescued, avoiding strong light stimulation. Rescue workers should bind up the injuries or send them to hospital for medical treatment according to their condition. For cervical and lumbar injuries, use a hardboard stretcher to fix the body after exposing its body and then slowly remove it slowly and send it to the medical center in time. For critically injured people, try to give first aid as far as possible, and then send them to the medical center or hospital quickly.

(4) If the rescue trapped persons in high places, use the special handbarrows to transfer the persons smoothly to the ground through ropes, or use ladders to put people in low place slowly. If there is no special tool, you can also use local materials to find bed board and other things to make simple tools for transporting people.

When rescuing, do not be impatient and try to pay special attention to the safety of the buried persons. In past earthquakes, some rescuers acted blindly, trampling over the roof of the buried victims and crushing the buried persons. Therefore, it is necessary to have scientific analysis and action in the rescue process for good rescue effect. Blind action often causes new damage to the victims.

(5) Rescue workers should use underground detection and rescue equipment to rescue workers who have fallen underground.

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