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How to find and rescue the buried persons after earthquake?

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

These are the key points to pay attention to:

First, you must learn to find buried people.

(1) According to the information provided by the insiders, search and locate the target on purpose, and pay attention to the signal and information sent by the victims, such as flashlight, police whistle, knock, shout, groan, etc.

(2) Track and search by identifying traces of human activity of blood and in debris. If conditions permit, use trained sniffer dogs for quick search and location.

Secondly, in the rescue of the buried persons, we should:

(1) Rescue according to the house structure. Do not destroy the support conditions of the surrounding where the buried persons are located because this will cause a new collapse that will cause the buried persons to be in distress again. The correct approach is: use the existing gaps in the rubble in a planned and systematic way to support and reinforce. Then climb to the place where the person is located and rescue the wounded. Or cut a hole in the side wall and enter the room where the person is buried. Or a shaft can also be dug on the ground outside the rubble, and then conduct horizontal tunneling to a predetermined location after entering certain depth. Air compressor and pneumatic drill, pneumatic pick and supporting equipment should be equipped during operation.

(2) When rescuing the buried persons, do not dig with sharp tools to ensure the buried persons' security.

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