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Health and epidemic prevention work

2018-11-23  |   Editor : houxue2018  

After the earthquake, due to a large number of houses collapse, the sewer blockage, cause garbage everywhere, overflow sewage; coupled with the rotten smell of livestock and poultry, which can easily lead to some infectious diseases and spread rapidly. In history there was a saying that “There must be a big epidemic after a great calamity”. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job of sanitation and epidemic prevention in post disaster relief work.

Pay attention to prevent intestinal infectious diseases, water supply and food hygiene should be done well, garbage and feces should be managed well.

(1) Drinking water source should be specially protected, and wells should be cleaned and sterilized. When drinking water, it is better to purify and sterilize first; create conditions to drink boiled water.

(2) Food hygiene is very important. Assign special personnel to supervise the storage, transportation and distribution of food for disaster relief; emergency provisions and food excavated should be inspected before eating. Intensify checking and supervision in government canteens and business catering shops, supervise the prevention of flies and tableware disinfection.

(3) Manage toilets and garbage. After the earthquake, toilets collapse, people have no fixed places to defecate, garbage and ruins are not clearly distinguished, mosquitoes and flies breed seriously. So after the earthquake, we should plan to build simple fly-proof toilets, heap garbage in a fixed place, and organize a cleaning team to clean up on time and transport it to a designated place for unified treatment.

(4) Exterminate mosquitoes and flies. Mosquitoes and flies are disseminators of infectious diseases such as Japanese encephalitis and dysentery. To eliminate mosquito flies, we should not only spray drugs on a large scale, but also use cars to spray in the streets, spray indoors with sprayers, leaving no breeding grounds for them. In areas where malaria occurs, special attention should be paid to mosquito control. Prevent mosquitoes from biting at night. If you notice a sudden onset of fever,headache, vomiting, stiff neck, etc., consider the possibility of encephalitis and see a doctor as soon as possible.

(5) Maintain good hygiene habits. Add or reduce clothes at any time according to the changing climate, and pay attention to keep warm and defend cold, the prevention of respiratory infectious diseases such as cold, trachitis and influenza. The elderly and children should pay special attention to prevent pneumonia.

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