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How should people organize self-rescue after the earthquake?

2019-12-03  |   Editor : houxue2018  

Earthquake professional rescue teams and local governments, as well as the search and rescue teams organized by the army are important components of earthquake relief. However, during the period between the earthquake and the arrival of the rescue team, people and residents in the disaster area should avoid danger timely and help mutually, which are more effective in avoiding the disaster or rescuing the victims.

The principle that should be followed in earthquake relief is "from easy to difficult". Rescue the survivors in building's edge, and those who are easy to be rescued first because of the survivors with slight wound can quickly enrich rescue teams and expand the rescue activities more reasonably. In addition, pay special attention to places with dense population such as hospitals, schools, hotels and other crowded places.

In order to prevent epidemic disease, it is necessary to carry out large-scale epidemic prevention work in time after the earthquake disaster. The anti-epidemic medical team should visit and treat the injured, vaccinate and spray all kinds of disinfectant in time. Local people and rescue teams should immediately begin to restore water supply systems, garbage transport and sewage discharge systems and other sanitation facilities.

A growing number of earthquake examples show that the human have been able to resist the devastating effect of earthquakes to some extent through scientific and reasonable prevention, fighting, rescuing and other measures and people have achieved the goal of effective disaster reduction. We firmly believe that although earthquakes are inevitable, the damage they cause can be greatly alleviated and even avoided.

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