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Earthquakes - What to Do?

2018-01-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Wherever you are when an earthquake starts, take cover immediately. Move a few steps to a nearby safe place if need be. Stay there until the shaking stops.

If you are indoors: “DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON” Stay inside.Drop under heavy furniture such as a table, desk, bed or any solid furniture.Cover your head and torso to prevent being hit by falling objects.

Hold on to the object that you are under so that you remain covered. Be prepared to move with the object until the shaking has finished.

If you can't get under something strong, or if you are in a hallway, flatten yourself or crouch against an interior wall and protect your head and neck with your arms.

If you are in a shopping mall, go into the nearest store. Stay away from windows, and shelves with heavy objects.

If you are at school, get under a desk or table and hold on. Face away from windows.

If you are in a wheelchair, lock the wheels and protect the back of your head and neck.

If you are outdoors,stay outside.Go to an open area away from buildings. The most dangerous place is near exterior walls.

If you are in a crowded public place, take cover where you won't be trampled.

If you are in a vehicle,Pull over to a safe place where you are not blocking the road. Keep roads clear for rescue and emergency vehicles.Avoid bridges, overpasses, underpasses, buildings or anything that could collapse.Stop the car and stay inside. Listen to your car radio for instructions from emergency officials.Do not attempt to get out of your car if downed power lines are across it. Wait to be rescued.

Place a HELP sign in your window if you need assistance. If you are on a bus, stay in your seat until the bus stops. Take cover in a protected place. If you can't take cover, sit in a crouched position and protect your head from falling debris.


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