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Professional rescue team and rescue equipment after wenchuan earthquake

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

After Sichuan wenchuan earthquake, 187 people in the China National Earthquake Disaster Emergency Rescue Team arrived at the disaster area, and also fighted in Dujiangyan, Mianzhu, Wenchuan and Beichuan with modern equipment and first-class rescue technology, saving life from the ruins.

Professional rescue personnel are equipped with all kinds of advanced detection instruments and cutting and supporting equipment.

Sonic detector

The sensitivity of the instrument is very high, so as long as the survivor makes a small sound, the sonic detector can detect it. So even the person who is buried in the rubble is unable to speak, the sound detector is able to capture it in time even just tapping his fingers and making a faint sound.

Infrared detectors

Infrared detectors make the best use of infrared reflections. In the dark, it can detect the presence of life in an accident according to temperature.

Optical detectors

Opitcal detectors are also known as"snake eyes", which use light reflection to detect life. In front of the instrument has a tiny probe, which can go into tiny crack to detect. Rescuers put the probe into the places needed to be detected, then the probe can rotate 360º so rescuers can use viewer to see the places clearly that the probe detects.

Sniffer dogs

The dog's sensitive sense of smell can give play to some abilities that some advanced instruments do not have and the rescue range can reach 2000 ~ 3000 square meters and 3 meters underground, which make rescuers find viable lives in the rubble more quickly and accurately. Experience shows that if use artificial search, it takes 30 ~ 60 minutes to complete a local search, but if use dogs, just 5 ~ 10 minutes. In a certain place, if rescuers can’t find survivors using two sniffer dogs consecutively, then the place can almost be thought that there are no survivors.

In addition, there are hydraulic tongs, high-pressure lifting support air cushion, the moon light and other advanced equipment that are used to cut, support and light. This equipment can be used to protect rescuers to remove or support the object on the top of the survivors’ body, winning precious time for life. In order to ensure the smooth communication, the rescue teams are equipped with satellite telephone, walkie-talkie and other communication tools to ensure the smooth communication of information in the rescue.

Due to the limitations of existing scientific and technological means, it is still difficult to get accurate prediction for most earthquakes. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the relief work after the earthquake. Take Wenchuan earthquake as the research background, from the perspective of the affected people, the evaluation index system of earthquake emergency capability of local government is put forward , and the method of interview and field survey to collect data to evaluate government emergency response capability of five worst-hit areas in Whenchuan earthquake is adopted. The theory of mirror government ability and modern organization theory proposed that the government emergency ability includes static and dynamic ability, of which that the static ability is the basic emergency ability, and the dynamic ability contains information gathering force, emergency rescue capabilities, ability of resource integration, ability to maintain stability and aftermath processing ability.

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