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Reconstruction after disasters

2019-12-03  |   Editor : houxue2018  

Earthquakes, especially after large earthquakes, will not only cause heavy casualties, but also seriously damage our homes where we live in, therefore, after earthquakes, disaster areas are facing the important task of post-disaster reconstruction. It is very important to rebuild a safer, harmonious and distinctive new home.

After the earthquake, the natural system of human settlement environment such as resources, environment and geological structure of disaster areas will be affected to some extent, which will affect the carrying capacity of regional population, therefore, the evaluation of carrying capacity of resources and environment has become an important basis and gist for post-disaster reconstruction planning. Safety is of the most importance in post-disaster reconstruction, it is necessary to scientifically assess and plan the natural system of human settlements environment, the regional geological environment, geomorphological characteristics and carrying capacity of resources and environment should be considered comprehensively, the suitability and capacity of human settlements environment should be qualitatively, positioned and quantitatively analyzed again, with emphasis on strengthening the rational distribution of towns and villages、construction of bureau planning, infrastructure and public service facilities. We should be more open-minded and innovative, and mobilize a wide range of positive factors to help the victims to rebuild their homes.

In post-disaster reconstruction, in addition to helping the victims get out of the huge psychological shadow of losing their relatives and homes, the victims also need to involve in the reconstruction of their homes personally. Who can love their homeland more than the victims? Who knows their needs better than the victims? Victims should become the fresh force of homeland reconstruction, feel personal strength in self-reliance, build up self-confidence in life, and eventually gradually heal the huge trauma caused by the disaster. The reconstruction experience of various countries has proved that in the process of rebuilding their homes, the more respectful the principal position of the victims, the more successful the reconstruction work will be. Therefore, the experience of rebuilding homes from abroad is worth learning from.

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