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The intra plate earthquakes is related to the mantle convection

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Intraplate earthquakes or related to mantle convection

Scientists at the University of Southern Calif have found that earthquakes in the plate are related to mantle convection. This study provides a more reasonable explanation for the cause of the intraplate earthquakes. Related papers published in the latest issue of nature magazine.

Earthquake is a vibration phenomenon caused by the rapid release of energy from the earth's crust. It is considered as the main cause of the earthquake that the plate edge and the inner plate is disturbed and broken. But in the west of the United States, some areas far away from the plate boundary are also prone to earthquakes.

The earth scientist Thorsten Beck and his team have used the latest mantle flow model to calculate the spatial distribution of seismic activity in the western United states. It is found that the material movement and convection in the mantle, especially the active upwelling of the mantle, can also cause earthquakes.

The researchers said that in the western United States, the seismic activity within the plate mainly concentrated in the mountains from north to south. The seismic activity analysis method used in this study can also be applied to other areas with Continental deformation.

This study shows that earthquakes within this plate are related to the convection of the mantle beneath the earth's crust. Mantle convection plays a key role in the formation of landforms, the deformation of the continent, and the triggering of tectonic plate earthquakes. This study is of great value for people to understand the causes and hazards of the intraplate earthquakes.

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