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How to save yourself after being buried?

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

If you are trapped in the quake, try to avoid flimsy debris hanging objects, or other dangerous items above your body. Use brick and wood to support ruins, in case of being buried again in aftershocks. At the same time, remove the surrounding bricks and other sundries in order to expand the activity space. If you can't move them, don't force yourself because the sundries around you may fall down again. Do not use indoor facilities, including power, water, etc. Do not use open fire.

During earthquakes, dust, smoke and toxic gases can be very serious, which are important cause of death and injury. Therefore, we should try to cover our mouth and nose with wet clothes if we smell something strange or dusty when we are in danger of earthquake.

In either case, there must be a strong desire for survival. If there is a certain amount of activity space, you should move to a light, breathable place as far as possible, and try to get out of the ruins. If there is no way out, try to call for help.

If you are trapped in the basement and under the well, there is no need to panic because underground buildings are safer than buildings above the ground. If there are any of the above, you should find and protect water, food and try to keep physical strength as far as possible. If necessary, you shall also collect urine to survive, in case of being trapped underground for a long time. Even if you are afraid, don't shout because you should try to keep your strength, and try to call for help when the rescuers arrive.

After being buried, you should actively communicate with the outside and use all the tools you can find. For example, we can make use of sound, call at various intervals, alarm clock, hit furniture and water pipes, etc. You can also use light, such as turning a flashlight on, and using a flashlight to call out for help. If possible, you can report your situation to the outside world using your mobile phone.

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