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How You should save Yourself after the Earthquake

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  
  • Be prepared for aftershocks.

  • Listen to the radio or television for information from authorities. Follow their instructions. Place telephone receivers back in their cradles; only make calls if requiring emergency services.

  • Put on sturdy shoes and protective clothing to help prevent injury from debris, especially broken glass.

  • Check your home for structural damage and other hazards. If you suspect your home is unsafe, do not re-enter.

  • If you have to leave your home, take your emergency kit and other essential items with you. Post a message in clear view, indicating where you can be found. Do not waste food or water as supplies may be interrupted.

  • Do not light matches or turn on light switches before confirming that there are no gas leaks or flammable liquids spilled. Use a flashlight to check the utilities and do not shut them off unless damaged. Leaking gas will smell.

  • If tap water is still available immediately after the earthquake, fill a bathtub and other containers in case the supply gets cut off. If there is no running water, remember that you may have water available in a hot water tank and toilet reservoir .

  • Do not flush toilets if you suspect sewer lines are broken.

  • Carefully clean up any spilled hazardous materials. Wear proper hand and eye protection.

  • Check on your neighbours after looking after members of your own household. Organize rescue measures if people are trapped or call for emergency assistance if you cannot safely help them.

  • If you have pets, try to find and comfort them. If you have to evacuate, please take them to a pre-identified pet-friendly shelter.

  • Place a HELP sign in your window if you need assistance.

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