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The prevention for disaster: avoid earthquake faults zone

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Co-seismic dislocation is unconquerable when the earthquake takes place in the active fault, the areas along the fault in a long and narrow distribution are the most serious damaged zone and the areas tens of meters away from the fault are relatively safe. An obvious example is the Bailu Central School in the earthquake of Wenchuan in 2008. The earthquake fault caused a steep of 2 meters high from the playground, but the 2 teaching buildings which are tens of meters away didn’t collapsed. Japan’s Hanshin earthquake in 1995 site preservation hall still keep a building house in Small Warehouse Village up to now, the earthquake fault ruined the ground and bounding wall from forecourt but the back house did not been influenced at all. Therefore, we need to identify the active fault and delineate the spatial position of fault in detail, also, the government should prohibits the construction in these dangerous zones, so that we can reduce the earthquake damage with effect.

21 big cities in our country have already accomplished the general survey of active fault so far. Maybe we can finish the big task of general survey in other cities by 2020, and removal the construction in the dangerous areas in the future ten years.

In the process of making preparations for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, because the Olympic Park and the Beijing Wukesong Culture and Sports Center are located near the active fault zone, relative department made a survey of its exact location, width and fault activity and made comments for its potential dangerousness. According to this, the planning scheme avoided the dangerous areas so that the security was guaranteed. In the practice of the restoration and reconstruction after disaster of the Wenchuan earthquake, Yingxiu town’s housing construction actively avoided the earthquake zone 200-300 meters away and communal facilities avoided 300- 500 meters away. Yinchuan City made a special planning for a hidden fault of activity that the range of 200 meters on both sides of the fault is provided as a green belt instead of construction.

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