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Self-rescue in earthquake: four ways to help you save yourself

2023-04-06  |   Editor : houguangbing  

1.Keep calm and do not be panic.

The average time of a devastating and destructive earthquake can only last 12 seconds when you can feel the vibrations. Therefore, do not be panic in this short period so that you can make a decision to keep safe. If you live in a bungalow, you can quickly run out. However, if you live in a building, you should resist the temptation of running out before the earthquake ends, as you may be hurt by the falling debris. Of course, do not jump off either. Please to cut off the electric, turn off the gas, find some part of a building framework as shelters and hide under them , such as the toilet or tables, beds, etc. Then quickly withdraw after the earthquake so as to prevent strong aftershocks

2.Find a safe place to hide when you are in a crowded place.

When you are in schools, shops, theaters and other crowded places, please do not be panic and hide immediately under a desk, chair, or solid objects. Then, evacuate orderly after the earthquake. Teachers and other staff on site are ordered to direct people to evacuate and should not to run first in the evacuation to give a bad example.

3.Stay away from the risk area.

Stay away from high building and use your hands to cover your head to the middle of the street if you are on the street. Stay away from the cliff, steep slopes, river banks and high-tension lines, etc, if you are at the outskirt. And you must immediate stop your moving car or train.

4.Keep energy when you are buried.

If you would be buried in the debris, the first thing that you should do is to keep calm and try ways to save yourself. The next is to try to find water and food to keep your energy and create conditions for surviving. Then, what you should do is to wait for the rescue team."

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