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The earthquake cause the indirect disasters

2020-02-26  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Direct earthquake disasters refers to geographical disasters and damage of residential houses, engineering structure, items and other physical things due to the destructive effect of earthquake, that is great vibration of earthquake. The disasters include the following aspects:

Building on the ground and with a large area, residential houses are the main object of the earthquake. The collapse of houses not only causes huge economic losses, but also resulted in the crushing of the occupants, causing casualties and damage to indoor property.

Artificial infrastructure, such as transportation, electric power, communication, water supply, drainage, gas, oil, heating and other lifeline system and dams, irrigation system and other water conservancy projects is all the objects of earthquake. This consequence of damaging these facilities includes two aspects, which are the loss of value and funtions. The loss of function of lifeline system in urban city also brings great obstacles to disasters relief and aggravates the disaster.

The damage of industrial facilities, equipment andd installations obviously brings huge economic loss and affects normal supply and economic development.

Outdoor property such as Livestock and vehicles were also damaged by the earthquake.

Landslide, collapse and other phenomenon caused by large earthquake will damage infrastructure, farmland and so on, resulting in the destruction of forest land and farmland.

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