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The reason of casualties caused by forest fire

2018-09-05  |   Editor : houguangbing  

(1) Terrain. In areas with very complex topography, such as alpine forests, forest areas with small terrains and valleys, it is easy to form special forest fire behavior.

(2) Weather conditions. Special high temperature weather, windy weather, and some special microclimate, wind shear, wind swing, wind shift and other changes will cause the change of spreading direction of fires, which easily causes casualties.

(3) Insufficient preparation. In the midst of forest fires, people lack adequate preparing awareness to be prepared for the dangers that might occur. In small combustibles, such as grass, gully and meadow and some other places, fire develops and spreads quickly. Besides, it is often easy to cause casualties if viticms don’t escape in time.

(4) Smudging. In the process of fire, there will be a lot of smoke. Hence, there are often situations of sumdging and carbon monoxide poisoning.

(5) High temperature. High temperature in the process of forest fire often cause dehydration, physical fatigue, and the inconvenience of operation of fire fighters, thus resulting in casualties.

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