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The comprehensive disaster reduction system

2018-09-06  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Comprehensive disaster reduction is a necessary way

From 1950 s, production departments have been performing their duties till now, the water department is responsible to water disaster, the geological department is responsible to the geologic hazard and agriculture department is responsible to the agricultural disaster. There are 7 departments which responsible for the management of related disasters- Water Resources Bureau, Geology Bureau, Agriculture Bureau, Forestry Bureau, Meteorology Bureau, Earthquake Bureau and Sea Bureau. And there are Civil Affairs Department which responsible to the management of disaster rescue and departments of planning, financial and construction responsible to the management of related affairs of disaster. By 2004, the CPC central committee and the state council strengthened emergency management of emergencies and organized all kinds of emergencies. So departments clarified the responsibilities and formulated emergency response plans according to their responsibilities.

Division of labor responsibility has a great advantage in some degree such as clear duty and departments can perform their roles and sometimes this system can help to achieve high efficiency in dealing with disasters. But every coin has two sides, it also has some disadvantages. First, the randomness that each departments does what he think is right and the decentralized management make it difficult to act together. Second, some coordination matters have been debated a long time because of the different interests and different opinions. Third, it wasted some inadequate resources for disaster reduction because of repeated mechanism, project and subject in each departmental closed self-design. And then, it made the information sharing and technology apply became difficult because of the barriers between the departments. The last, the rules of regulation extend these disadvantages downward which made the provincial government difficult to deal with and influenced the local disaster reduction.

There is a correlation between natural disasters and catastrophes often form a series of disasters. Major natural disasters often destroy the buildings, cause casualties, homelessness and property losses and impact the operation of economic. So mitigating natural disasters is a complex work, and it needs the coordination action of all disaster management departments, the active management of all local departments and the support and participation of the whole society.

In order to make the disaster reduction works in a coordinated and heathy way, the leaders in state council and related departments have conducted a long-term exploration. In October, 2000, the state council changed the name "China and International Committee on disaster reduction for a decade" to "China and International Committee on disaster reduction"; in April, 2005, authorized by state council, the "China and International Committee on disaster reduction" has been changed into "National Committee on disaster reduction"(it will be called as "National disaster reduction commission"). National disaster reduction commission is an integrative system which is under the leading of state council, the coordination of National disaster reduction commission and related departments. National disaster reduction commission drafted and implemented The Plan for National comprehensive disaster reduction and The Plan for National comprehensive disaster prevention and reduction from 2011 to 2015, led and coordinated the relief work of a series of disasters in a scientific way, minimized the personnel injury, economic loss and social impact and safeguards the public security and national sustainable development.

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