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Monitoring and early warning before nature disaster

2018-09-06  |   Editor : houguangbing  

We will improve the monitoring network for natural disaster, reinforce the construction of disaster monitoring station network for weather, hydrology, earthquake, geology, agricultural, forestry, ocean, steppe and source of wild animal epidemic disease.

Reinforce the space infrastructure construction for national disaster prevention and reduction, complete satellites of weather, ocean, resource, environment and disaster monitoring and also the system of aerial remote sensing, improve the comprehensive and emergency observing ability of disasters with high resolution, make full use of various resources of satellite remote sensing at home and abroad, realize an all-weather, all-day, wide, multiple and integrated hazard stereo monitoring system with high density.

Improve the mechanism for forecasting disasters, complete the information publishing network and reinforce the early warning ability. Just as the special representative in disaster reduction send by UNSG, Margareta Wahlstrom said: It is very necessary to have a reliable pre-warning system. Not only the technology, but also the sense of crisis for people, we need to let people know that they may be influenced also, that they must trust the alarm signal. Possess a reliable social preparedness mechanism is the only real way to rescue lives.

We will carry out an experimental study on the technical system of emergency automatic disposal of important projects, gradually put ourselves into safety control system for important engineering facilities such as urban rail transit, high speed railway, oil and gas pipeline network, nuclear facilities and power hub so that we can improve the ability of major projects to deal with catastrophe.

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