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Overview of forest fires in China

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

China is a country that doesn't have many forests.The per capita forest area and per capita forest volume are much below the world average. The global drought, high temperature and high winds are going up and the danger of large forest fires is increasing so the forest fire prevention work should be paid high attention to by all levels of government and the public.

Affected by geographical location, topography, climate, distribution of forest resources and population density, China's forest fires have the following characteristics:

(1) In terms of occurrence time, forest fires are seasonal. In general, the fire prevention in spring is from mid-March to mid-June in northeast China and Inner Mongolia and the tightening period is April and may; In Autumn, it is from mid-September to mid-November and the tightening deadline is October. The fire prevention period in the south and southwest region is between mid-November and the end of May in the second year and the tightening period is usually between February and April. The fire prevention period in the northwest region is from April to October and the tightening period is from July to September. At the same time, due to periodic changes in climate, forest fires have occurrence cycle of 5 to 6 years or even 10 years.

(2) In terms of occurrence region, forest fires have the characteristics of concentration. Forest regions are mainly concentrated in the northeast forest region and southwest and the affected area in northeast forest region is greater than southwest forest region.

(3) In terms of occurrence reasons, most of forest fires are man-made, which are mostly caused by people’s careless production fire and living fire. Burning reclamation, burning ash to collect fertile, wild smoking, grave burn, etc and intentional arson are the main reasons for the forest fire, accounting more than 95%.

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