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Safety Common sense that should be mastered for forest fire

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

For every nature lover, we should firmly establish awareness of fire prevention and mitigation. When strolling about in fields, especially going into mountains in autumn and winter or entering into the forest, be extremely cautious and don't bring fire into those places. Furthermore, don’t smoke or barbecue food. As long as we pay attention to our code of conduct, we can minimize the occurrence of forest and grassland fires. In the forest, once you encounter a fire disaster, try to keep calm, draw on local materials and protect yourself as soon as possible.

(1) Once the fire occurs, go into the fire where the fire has gone through (areas that have been burned will not burn again so it is relatively safe).

(2) If you are surrounded by a fire in halfway of the hill, you should run downhill fast and avoid running uphill. The speed of spreading to the mountain of the fire is faster than the speed of man.

(3) If you are surrounded by fire in the valley or at the foot of the mountain, you should be retreat to a flat, open area with less vegetation, and fire to save yourself. You can fire the combustibles around you, and when there is a cleanning, quickly go into it and lie down to get out of the smoke. When firing, position the ignition accurately and ignite from the back to the direction of the fire to prevent fire burns. After ignition, quickly evacuated as soon as possible.

(4) If the fire is dangerous and emergent and leaving no time to save oneself, choose relatively open are with less vegetation around the place quickly and lie down with the foot towards the direction of fire head. Use coat cover head, at the same time quickly with a shallow pit on the ground and cover your head with outerwear and dig a shallow pit. And then cover your head and face using hand and and took a deep breath, waiting until the fire goes.

(5) Once you find yourself stuck in the forest fire area, you should use wet towel to cover your mouth and nose. If there is water around you, it is best to soak your clothes in order to prevent the high temperature, smoke and the harm of carbon monoxide.

(6)If you are surrounded by a fire, which is indeed a crisis and at this time, you have no way to save yourself, quickly select place with relatively weak clothes to cover the head and rush out of the fire against the fire. Never race with the fire, only rush throught the fire.

(7) If you encounter fire in the forest, be sure to pay close attention to wind direction changes because the wind direction represents the direction of the spreading of the fire, which also determins whether the direction of escape is correct. Although fire in forest and grassland is difficult to completely eliminated, however, reducing the occurrence of fire can be realized completely by actively prevention.

For a long time, due to the weak awareness of fire protection and lack of knowledge of fire prevention, fire danger is almost the neighbor of human beings. According to relevant data, in recent years, more than 40,000 fires have occurred in China every year, and nearly 10,000 people have been killed or injured.

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