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The frequent incident areas of various natural disasters

2018-10-08  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Cities are the high accumulation areas of population, economic and culture, as well as the easy and frequent incident areas of various natural disasters. The 21st century is a “century of cities”. Joseph Stigliz, the Nobel Economics Prize winner, has already said as early in July, 2007 in World Bank China Office that: China’s urbanization and American high-technology advancement will be the two projects which would deeply influence the 21st century human development. Urbanization has become a common trend of globalization. Along with the development of social economic, the rapid development tendency of population concentration, building concentration, production concentration and property concentration have appeared in modern cities. Meanwhile, with this trend, cities become the hazard-affected body of natural disasters. The larger the scale of the city and the higher of the level of its modernization, the greater the kinds of potential natural disasters it will contain, the higher the frequency of the disasters and the dangerous it will be.

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