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The principles of forest fire fighting

2018-09-03  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Science forest fire fighting must follow principles of "control first, then extinguish and at last, consolidate” and implement by stages.

Fire commander plays a vital role in extinguishing fire. Therefore, in the following of principles of "extinguish early, extinguish small fire first and extinguish the fire", close view every fire and pay attention to safety problems at the same time.

In general, in the forest fire in fighting the battle, in order to put out the fire and at the same time, cause no casualties, fire fighters should grasp the following five safety principles:

(1)Before commander and fire fighters entering into the fire, clarify the escape route and method of being out of danger. Choose places that are close to the fire with convenient water intaking to camp and immediately open fire prevention barriers.

(2)Fight with the following wind while entering the fire. At the same time, pay attention to the wind direction, don't put out the fire downwind and don't fight the fire in front of the firing line. Never fight against the fire in the area with strong wind and fierce fire. When the fire is strong, take shelter from the fire and avoid from the time being. Don't perform firefighting in narrow valley, narrow ridge line, saddle area, near the cliff, steep slope, tuyere, concave area and other danger zones, so do areas with dense vegetation and young coniferous forest above 1 meter high and inflammable bushes blazes. While putting out the downward fire, pay attention to the change of the wind from downward fire to upward fire, preventing burns from the fire.

(3)If blazes personnel may encounter the danger of being surrounded by fire, don't be panic and don't running in the fire extending direction and should find ways to save oneself according to the condition of the change of fire, looking for ways to save your solution to take off quickly. Blazes personnel should realize clearly that, in the site, if you feel difficulty of breathing, headache, chest tightness, palpitation, muscle weakness, delirious because of being choked by smoke or long time working in thick smoke, you should immediately evacuate the scene or use a wet towel to cover your mouth and nose or close to the wet ground to breathe. For mild poisoning, company should immediately perform the artificial respiration, inject cordial or perform oxygen injection first aid; for severe poisoning, the victims should be sent to well-ventilated environment with fresh air, which is particularly important, and then make every effort to transfer patients to the nearby hospital for emergency treatment.

(4) Pay special attention to safety especially during the day. The high intensity of the fire work makes people tired easily, so the fire rest should be management intensively. It is strictly prohibited to find convenience during the rest and forbidden happening of the phenomenon of lying down, and pay attention to counting the number of people.

(5) Women, children and the disabled are strictly forbidden to participate in firefighting.

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