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Natural disaster emergency

2018-10-17  |   Editor : houguangbing  

Concepts about natural disasters emergency

Natural disaster emergency refers to the measures to the emergency. Generally, it requires some actions that go beyond the normal working procedure to avoid the accident or reduce the damage. Natural disaster emergency sometimes also refers to immediate action beyond normal working procedures.

Emergency management to the natural disasters

Emergency management to the natural disasters refers to the controlling process that public management institutions formulating emergency plans and measures to the natural disasters have occurred or may occur, and also, monitoring, warning, reacting, reporting and disposing to the emergencies through establishing the necessary public event response mechanism for sudden natural disasters.

The relationship between natural disaster emergencies and management

The state council’s “opinions on strengthening emergency management” (guo fa (2006) 24) points out that strengthening emergency management is a major event that affects the overall national economic and social development and the safety of people’s lives and property, is an important part of the comprehensive realization of the scientific outlook on development and the construction of a harmonious socialist society, and also is an important manifestation of governments at all levels to insist on putting people first, governing for the people and fully performing government functions.

Nowadays, with China’s modernization has entered a new stage and reform and development are at a crucial point, there are more factors affecting public safety so that all kinds of public emergencies occur frequently. However, the foundation of China’s emergency management is still weak, and the system, mechanism and legal system are not perfect and the ability to prevent and handle public emergencies need to be improved. The relationship between natural disaster emergency response and management is to deal with unexpected and unusual events with the hands and the methods of scientific management.

Effective response

Effective response refers to the scientific methods to achieve the desired purpose during the process of dealing with the emergencies.

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